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Posted by Matt Ruthven on June 25, 2015 . 0 Comments

Top 5 features to consider when purchasing an RV mat

     When looking to purchase a RV mat there are some important features you need to consider. First and foremost, you need to make sure that it will not kill the grass. What sense does it make buying a RV mat that the campground won't let you use? A lot of products claim to not kill the grass because the air can get through. Don't believe it. Grass needs photosynthesis and air, so the mat needs to have a mesh that is open enough to let the light through.
      The second consideration should be the material that the mat is made of. Because RV mats are used outdoors, exposure to sun, rain, mud, sand, gravel, rocks or just plain dirt are factors you need to consider.  How durable the material is, and how well it performs in less than ideal conditions are things to consider. The market is dominated by mats woven with inexpensive plastic. These kinds of mats are cheap and disposable and can be found at most large retailers, and are popular mainly because of the lower price. There is a better alternative. Flexible PVC on a polyester mesh. There are RV mats made of this material that are well over 10 years old and still look the same as when they were new.
     The next thing to keep in mind is that you will often need to pack it away wet. This is another reason to go with a PVC mat. No one likes mold or mildew and it's nice not to have to clean and dry your mat between uses.
     Size matters. You will want plenty of useable space. Make sure the mat is at least eight feet wide and close to the length of the awning. If you get a long lasting mat you may regret getting a smaller one just to save a little money.
     Last but not least is looks. Your RV mat should look good and accentuate the look of your RV. There is a comfortable feeling to owning a good looking, high quality product especially one that works better than expected.
    Taking all these points into consideration, I would recommend Sienna Breeze Mats, my choice for best overall RV mat.

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