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The Diplomat by Sienna Breeze


The finest material: Flexible PVC on a polyester mesh.

Open mesh: Truly grass friendly and quick drying.

Complicated weaves and color combinations: Creates an elegant look.

Two inch border: Makes it fully reversible and lay flat.

Metal D-rings: To not break-up the clean lines of the border.

Higher denier polyester: For strength, durability, and weight, to help lay flat and secure.

UV, Mold, and Mildew resistant: Makes it long lasting, easy to clean, and looking like new.



The top features that make the Diplomat the best mat you can own.

Open mesh: For RV use, these mats will not kill the grass, even after extended continues use. For deck use, the open weave will not trap moisture under the mat and dries out quickly. No need to take it in to protect it, or your wood deck from the weather.

Metal D rings: Colour matched, and sewn in every five feet along the length. Can be used to stake down when used with your RV.
Two inch border: Wrapped and double sewn. This adds weight to the edge of the mat to help it lay flat.

Material: Flexible PVC on a polyester mesh. The Flexible PVC makes the mat very flexible and extremely durable. The polyester makes it extremely strong. This is a great outdoor material. Colours will not fade, repels water and stains, UV, mold, and mildew resistant, and very easy to clean. Very strong, and will look like new for years.
When we designed the Diplomat we wanted to make it the best quality mat on the market. We wanted it to work better than expected, last longer, and look great for years. The Diplomat is designed for people who appreciate quality products.